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With my lens, I explore the boundaries between reality and illusion, creating intimate, obscure, and unsettling universes. Interacting with surrounding elements, nature, the built environment, and the human body, experimenting with scanograms and mixed media techniques, I translate my memories, experiences, and emotions into visual stories. 


Inspired by a place I return to inhabit it further, initially through photography and later through video or sound recording. Back to my studio I transform my experiences, evoked memories, or triggered explorations into visual renderings, distorted sounds, and ephemeral installations, often incorporating collected objects. I introduce human presence through self-portraits and portraits of persons close to me. 


I seek beauty in imperfection, uncharacteristic views, and unseen details. Through exhibitions or artist books, I aim to invite others into my world, asking them to feel and respond in a personal, introspective way to the work's unspoken narrative or autobiographical context.

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I am a Greek-Swiss lens-based media artist. Based in New York and Geneva, I maintain an art practice in film and digital photography, video, and sound. As part of my research on materials and post-production techniques, I create Fine Art Prints and works in Post-Production.

Growing up in Greece and Germany in an interdisciplinary and multilingual environment influenced my Science and Art journey and my passion for languages and travelling. While studying Computer Engineering and Informatics, I had my first exhibition and photo book experience as a member of the Students Photo Club. Parallel to my work as a Software Engineer, I completed a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master's in Environment and Development. Moving to Geneva and joining the Photo Club Pictet, I started my transition to photography and visual arts.

I have presented my work in exhibitions in Switzerland, Italy, and the USA, and my work featured in various publications. While graduating in 2022 from the Creative Practices Program at the International Center of Photography (ICP), I presented my video work at the ICP Museum in New York and curated for the ICP Library the Photo Book Display exhibition Out of this World. Notably, in 2023, I exhibited at the Liquida Photofestival in Torino and the Chashama Gallery in New York. As a FRESH EYES International Talent by GUP Magazine, I published my work in the FRESH EYES 2023 Conceptual and Fashion book launched in Haute Photographie Amsterdam and featured in Paris Photo and OFF Bratislava. In May 2024, I participated in Stir the Pot, a collaborative photography and mixed-media publication by Overlapse Publishing, launched at the New York Art Book Fair and Peckham 24’s A Bigger Book Fair.

2024  The Favorite Photograph You Took in 2023 Exhibition, LENS/CRATCH, online

          From 1 January 2024


2023  Parallel Horizons Exhibition, Chashama Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA

          14 September - 4 October 2023


2023  Better Days will come, Liquida Photofestival Exhibition, Torino, Italy

          4 - 7 May 2023


2023  Black and White Exhibition, Decode Gallery, Tucson, Arizona, USA

          13 May - 3 June 2023


2022  Shifting SelvesICP Certificate Programs Exhibition 2022, ICP Museum, New York, USA

          10 – 15 May 2022  


2021  This Was the Year that Was, ICP Certificate Programs Exhibition 2021, online

          18 June – 30 September 2021  


2019  Light Up. A la recherche de son expression photographique, Banque Pictet, Geneva, Switzerland

          17 June - 17 July 2019


2019  Trouble and Silence, Duo Show, Galerie Marchande, Nyon, Switzerland

           31 October - 7 December 2019



2017  Trouble(s) - Les members de soutien de Focale exposent, Esp’Asse, Nyon, Switzerland

          2 - 14 December 2017


 2016  Les coulisses de la création photographique, Esp’Asse, Nyon, Switzerland

          3 - 15 December 2016


2016  Entre ici et là – Outdoor Exhibition of Photo Club Pictet, Acacias Street, Geneva, Switzerland

          21 June - 21 July 2016


Awards | Open Calls

2024  STIR THE POT Open Call, Overlapse Publishing, London, UK


2024  The Favorite Photograph You Took in 2023 Open Call, LENS/CRATCH, USA


2023  FRESH EYES International Talent - Conceptual Category, GUP Magazine, Amsterdam, NL


2023  Liquida Photofestival Open Call for Better Days will come Exhibition, Torino, Italy


2023  Decode Gallery Open Call for Black and White Exhibition, Tucson, Arizona, USA

2024  STIR THE POT, Overlapse Publishing, London, UK


2023  FRESH EYES 2023, Conceptual and Fashion Book, GUP Magazine, Amsterdam, NL


2023  Parallel Horizons, Exhibition Catalog, New York, USA


2023  Better Days will come, Liquida Photofestival Catalog, Torino, Italy


2022  SHIFT, ICP Certificate Programs Student Publication, New York, USA


2019  Light Up. L’écriture photographique, 1-Year Workshop Publication, Geneva, Switzerland


2017  Echotrap, Cover photo of the novel Carbon, Kichli Publishing, Athens, Greece


2017  Regard(s), Banque Pictet’s Annual Photo Club Review, Geneva, Switzerland


2016  Club Photo News, Banque Pictet’s Annual Photo Club Review, Geneva, Switzerland


2022  Out of this World, Photo book Display Exhibition, ICP Library, New York, 9 - 15 May 2022 


CERT Full-time Creative Practices Program, International Center of Photography, New York


MSc   Environment and Development, National Technical University of Athens, Greece


MBA   National Technical University of Athens, Greece


DIPL   Computer Engineering and Informatics, University of Patras, Greece

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